Customized training and show programs for each rider’s personal capabilities and objectives.

Pony Rider

Creating a solid foundation.

Above all, we believe in SAFETY first.

Teaching children good horsemanship and creating a well-rounded rider.

Building self-confidence and solid fundamentals.

Teaching young riders to be disciplined, to set goals, and to never give up.

Exercising grace in both success and failure.

Understanding and caring for your pony/horse.

Learning to ride/compete at different venues.

Learning to excel and thrive in competition.


Advancing your skills and achieving your goals.

Experiencing each of the hunter, equitation and jumping disciplines

Connecting with a wider variety of horses / lessons in horse development

Advanced riding / control techniques

Mental preparation and working through nerves at all levels

Course analysis / course management

Collegiate prep for those aspiring riders


Developing rider skill sets.

Beginner through advanced adults are welcome, with programs to suit all levels (including leasing, ownership, and traditional lessons).

Focus on fundamentals and goal-oriented training.

Develop confidence and advance in skills to perform at any level. Whether the goal is to just have a great time with like-minded riders, or to ride at the highest amateur levels, Courtyard Farm has a trainer and a program to suit your needs.



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